Free 7 video training programme to help your Tour Company succeed in uncertain times

Having over 30 years accounting and industry experience, we realise that things are tough for tour operators.  You face unprecedented change post Covid-19, and not all businesses will survive.

To help you as a business owner, not only survive but thrive, we are giving away our FREE no strings attached, video training series to help you in these uncertain times.

To access the 7 step programme then please leave your details in the form below, and the video series will be emailed out to you over the next few weeks.

The 7 topics specifically designed for tour operators, to help you and your business are:-

  • Is your business delivering
  • The competitive landscape is changing
  • The optimum client journey
  • Offering an experience is no longer enough
  • Marketing your business
  • Technology
  • Finances



  • I engaged with Crunchers after connecting on LinkedIn and after our first meeting, I was confident Crunchers were the right company to handle my yearly accounts. They have simplified my bookeeping by clever use of software and have taught me hw to get the most out of Xero. Furthermore, if you are looking for an accountant that can act more as a financial director, then Crunchers have the business knowledge and experience to guide you through any financial issue you need help with. First Class.

    Stewart Collingswood - Alba Game Fishing Limited 

  • Hamish has been a complete asset to CMS Ltd. His simplification of the accounts has enabled me to focus on more marketing and delivery of service which is where the value is for me. Very approachable and practical.

    Iain Stewart - CMS Limited

  • I have used Crunchers Since starting both of my businesses. I have to say that I find Crunchers to be one of the best accountants I have worked with. There approach is relaxed but professional. If I ask a question thye will invariably answer straight away but is happy to say he needs to research further if it is a more complex issue. Very professional and would recommend 100%.

    Nigel Weeds - Mereboo & Eyson Energy Limited

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