We all know we should have goals, but how many of us set goals, and I wonder how many of us actually follow through and achieve those goals? The following is 5 reasons why you should set goals:-

  1. Firstly, by having set, achievable goals, you start to take control of where you want to get to. By setting your goals, and devising a plan, you break out of auto-pilot mode, and you start living a life knowing that you are moving purposefully towards improving and achieving the life you always hoped for.
  2. By getting clarity on where you want to get to, you also start to clarify an end vision. If you don’t have this vision, then years can pass by, and your life will remain the same. It is only when we take some time out of our hectic lives, and thinking about what we are truly trying to achieve, do we ensure that we are going in the correct direction.
  3. Goals also give you focus your efforts. By focusing on your main objectives then your energy is funnelled into those areas that are going to create maximum reward.
  4. You prioritise your time, and avoid the low-value tasks that do not contribute to your end vision, and as a result you consciously work on the high-value tasks that will give you the biggest impact. By prioritising your goals and time, you push on I the knowledge that you are working on only the most important things.
  5. Having goals also makes you accountable. Now as a small business owner the only person that you are maybe accountable to is yourself. However, the simple act of writing your goals down onto a piece of paper, is a powerful way to keep your goals and the achieving of them at the fore front of your mind.

In Summary

If you think about a rugby scrum. If all of the players were pushing in different directions then the team would quickly get overwhelmed. Only by all facing the same direction, and pushing at the same time does the Rugby Scrum move forward, and win the ball.
Your goals are exactly the same, they should all be pushing you in the same direction. And that direction should be ensuring that your business fulfils your own personal goals, and achieve the life that you dreamt of.

Photo By: PierreSelim – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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