Making a positive difference

We want our work to mean something.

Churning out accounts and tax returns without thinking about the people behind the business seems a waste of a life to us.

We want to help improve the lives of business owners.

Bringing Big Business Thinking to the Small Business

Hamish Sheppard is a qualified CIMA accountant with many years experience within industry. For the last five years he has been operating as a short term accountant and consultant, providing interim support to large businesses, and organisations like Siemens, Barclays, The Wood Group, Highland Spring, and the Scottish government. This experience will help him bring big business thinking to start-ups and small business in Edinburgh.

Crunchers and Hamish share a vision for the accounting profession – we believe small businesses deserve more from their accountant than accounts and tax return.


Our vision is not to charge anything for year-end accounts and to have a guaranteed formula for building a great business, called ‘Improving the Numbers’

Improving the Numbers is extremely well researched and each element is supported by real world examples.
Technology and laws need to develop and change before we can offer free accounts. But, we are moving in the right direction. This will allow small business owners to take the fees saved, and invest them with us, in areas that will either grow the business going forward, or provide time savings for the owner to then allow him to concentrate on what is important to him.

The better forumula

We’d like you to consider this equation:

Better Accountant = Better Business = Better Life

If all goes well with your business you will have the time and money to enjoy:

– Love and friendship from family and friends
– The feeling of security, stability and control
– A sense of achievement and the status of success
– A great lifestyle – home, car and holidays

Working with us

We are committed to a few core principles:

– Ongoing learning
– Being friendly
– Fairness
– Mutual respect
– Professionalism
– Being honest.

The objective is to become your financial friend – someone you can trust to tell you the truth. Someone who will be there for you, someone who will help get the most out of yourself.

What our customers say

Some kind words from some of the thousands of businesses we've worked with

Ian Kernohan

He consistently produced high-quality work within tight deadlines, was an excellent colleague and fitted in well to our team. I would have no hesitation in hiring him again or recommending him to others.

Iain Ross

Hamish is an extremely capable individual who is quick to the nub of an issue and equally quick to the solution. His work was viewed at Director level and he frequently prepared briefs for the Board.

Richard Cooper

Hamish brought stability to the financial reporting in a time of change, and was consistently proactive and responsive to ever changing demands for information, both from myself and from the wider business.

Shereen Kenyon

Hamish really delivered for us across a range of activities including accountancy,Hamish is an extremely professional individual. He demonstrates not only mastery for his core role, but also has the ability to quickly understand and operate business processes and systems.

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