Hamish Sheppard gives an overview of how you can prepare your small business for Covid-19 and help to mitigate the challenges of the coming months.

We understand that these are unprecedented, unnerving times, so Hamish is here with another short video to highlight how you can prepare your small business for Covid-19.

Watch now for Hamish’s suggestions of the key considerations for a small business owner. As he notes, “nothing is more certain than uncertainty” for the months ahead – but taking action now and remaining agile enough to react to challenges will help mitigate the impact of the coronvirous pandemic on your business.

Here, Hamish covers a range of considerations, from health and safety and remote working to managing and monitoring the financial impact and your turnover.


Covid-19 – how you can help prepare your business for Covid-19

A short video on how you can help prepare your business for #COVID19, and the top things to be thinking about.#SME #Guidance

Posted by Crunchers Edinburgh on Monday, 16 March 2020


Worried and need help to prepare your small business for Covid-19?

We’ve been working with our clients to run financial impact analyses, assess cash flows and consider how to improve their business’s position. These small business owners can be confident that they have done all they can to ensure they are in the best possible position to respond to the testing times ahead.

We also recommend regularly reviewing the UK Government’s Covid-19 (coronavirus) response page and the Scottish Government’s response page for up to date information and guidance.

Please get in touch with us if you need a little help to prepare your small business for Covid-19 – we’re available by phone on 0131 502 0543 and we’re also happy to have a virtual meeting with you. Video meetings can be very efficient as screen-sharing capabilities enable effective, productive communication, where we know we’re all on the same page!

We wish everyone the best in these challenging times.

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