What to do for Auto Enrollment

I thought I would add my Pensions Regulator, 1 month to go letter to the blog, to allow you to see what the process is. Remember this is my own staging date yours will be different.


There is now only one month to go until the law on workplace pensions comes into effect for XXX LTD.

Has anything changed?

Your staging date

1 May 2017
If you think that your circumstances, or those of the people you employ, have changed you should go to our Duties Checker to find out what you now need to do.

Nothing has changed – what do I do next?

As you don’t have anyone to put into a pension scheme you have nothing further to do until your staging date which is 1 May 2017. This is the date when the law comes into effect for you.

Why not bring your staging date forward?

You can also choose to complete your remaining duties early and complete your declaration at the same time. To do this you must bring your staging date forward. You can pick a date that suits you and you can complete your declaration of compliance at the same time. Find out more about bringing your staging date forward.


From 1 May 2017
You must:
• re-check whether you have to put anyone into a pension scheme. If you do then you need to choose one and put staff into it

• write to all your staff individually to tell them how automatic enrolment applies to them

• complete your declaration of compliance. This is an online form to tell us how you have met your legal duties.

For information about all of these duties and when to complete them please refer to the essential guide.


The Pensions Regulator

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